Thai Bodywork combines stretching and body movements to loosen muscles, release stress and change habitual body tension patterns.

Thai Bodywork sessions are performed on a padded mat on the floor to give practitioners better leverage in deep muscle stretching and joint release for the client. Typical sessions last 60-90 minutes, and clients remain dressed in loose,comfortable clothing.

Using their hands, knuckles, elbows, and feet the practitioner employs a series of movements to stretch the clients entire body. Considered both a therapeutic and meditative treatment, Thai Bodywork not only improves flexibility, circulation and range of movement but also centers the body and mind.

75 minute session: $80 / 90 minute session: $95

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Meet the practitioners:

Morgan Engels:

Morgan has been giving Thai Bodywork for about 12 years now with her training stemming from the Lotus Palm School, studying further with Chuck Duff and traveling to Chiang Mai to study deeper with Arjhan Pichest and Phawat Boonthumme.

Morgan is sincere in her interests and studies which give her a foundation of non-force. She believes that any necessary shifting or opening comes from within you and is disciplined in guiding and listening to what will work for your individual experience.

Morgan gravitated to a gentle and deep approach in Thai Bodywork, where the nervous system, endocrine system and connections in the body are a constant consideration. She implements a lot of rocking / shaking techniques, grounding compression and passive stretches, while also including treats of hot towels and essential oils.The bodywork session itself is usually different every time, dependent on what is going on in the moment.

Morgan's personal yoga practice and experience of teaching yoga for 17 years never ceases to complement being a Thai Bodyworker. As a yoga instructor her practice is geared towards a restorative and Yin style, working with meridian channels, and seeking the ways to let go of habitual holding patterns in order to welcome a deeper and steady breath; a place of being free in our bodies, minds and hearts.


Michelle Warren:

Michelle is passionate about preventive medicine and the healing power of self care. She is committed to her clients sense of well being and to nurturing their connection with the body, the mind and the heart.

She works with both Yoga and Thai Bodywork as healing modalities. Teaching Yoga for 12 years has deepened her appreciation and knowledge of both anatomy and the meridian systems of the body. Over time, as her interest in Yin yoga evolved she become drawn to the healing art of Thai bodywork and its long history of therapeutic healing.

Michelle believes the body is a map of all of our life experiences. Our emotional system in the brain is constantly sending signals to the body so we can deal with situations. This system is designed to take care of us as long as we take care of and nurture it. Sometimes our patterns of holding in our feelings (both emotional and physical) can prevent us from healing and we can become stuck. Michelle practices the principles of energy balancing within Thai bodywork to help open, heal and rejuvenate both the body and the mind, and with the cooperation of the self, initiating an internal release.

Her techniques of soothing rhythmic compression, gentle rocking/shaking, assisted yoga poses and the application of deep stretching also help to release blockages and move us toward a more relaxed and energized state.

Cooperatively, her patience, confidence, leadership and knowledge guide her clients gently into a place of calm, relaxed and introspective state of mind and body.

“Touch comes before sight, before speech. It is the first language, and the last, and it always tells the truth.” -Margaret Atwood