All of our classes are welcome to drop-ins, many are suitable for all levels. 
We operate on a sliding scale payment system of $10-$18 (with a $5 class on Friday night 6pm) - you pay what you can. MATS & PROPS ARE AVAILABLE TO YOU AT NO EXTRA COST- NEW STUDENTS ARE ALWAYS WELCOME.



This will your basic all around beginner yoga class, no previous experience necessary, we are all learning together. Class will focus on the fundamentals of Hatha Yoga. Strong work in standing postures will be emphasized, as well as transitions to seated and supine postures. You will build strength, endurance,mental focus, and build the foundation for a deeper practice.  Questions, laughter, and bringing your friends and family are encouraged. If you have been "thinking about starting yoga"- this is the class for you.





Hatha can be many different yoga styles, but within all, the main focus is to balance all elements. "Ha" means Sun and "tha" means Moon, which is a balance of heating and cooling practices. This will be a class that has standing postures and a practice that is suitable for students with a little experience. 






A practice that is both invigorating and relaxing. Students move through a flowing sequence that provides a moderate challenge and lots of deep stretch. You will practice strength, endurance and mental focus.  This strong but accessible practice is geared toward intermediate students, but open to all levels. 


This is a class that connects accessible yoga postures with breath and fluid movement in a well-rounded practice. The slower pace gives one time to refine the pose and explore a deeper connection, this can bring more confidence and comprehension to the practice. 




A deeply nourishing class of longer held seated postures, passive in their exterior and occasionally challenging in the practice. Traditionally, most postures are explored for 3-8 minutes. Yin poses are excellent for renewing energy, assisting with joint health and an overall bright quality. 






This is a class for deep relief of tension and stress. Postures are practiced with the support of props such as bolsters, blankets and chairs. This class is traditionally slow, allowing time for rest. This greatly soothes the nervous system and increases the capacity for deep breathing. Highly recommended. 


This is an all-levels class for those of you interested in practicing a little bit of everything. We will move: gentle flow followed by some restorative poses. We will breathe: diving a little deeper into pranayama (breath practices). We will meditate: ending each class with meditation. 




This is a class specialized for pregnant soon-to-be-mommas. It will focus on calming and strengthening posture practices, breathing techniques and meditations all to assist with the birth of your baby. This is appropriate for expectant mothers at all stages of pregnancy.