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The Heart of Winter: A Yin Yoga Practice with Morgan Engels

"The heart is called the 'King' of the organs.  The Internal Medicine Classic states: 'The heart commands all of the organs and viscera, houses the spirit, and controls the emotions.'  In Chinese, the word for 'heart' (hsin) is also used to denote 'mind'.  When the heart is strong and steady, it controls the emotions; when it is weak and wavering, the emotions rebel and prey upon the heart-mind, which then loses its command over the body."

Join Morgan in a deeply nourishing yin yoga practice dedicated to the heart. Yin yoga is a practice of softening, non-grasping, sitting with what is. Due to its passive nature, the practice focuses its attention to the connective tissue and joint spaces of the body. The postures in a yin practice are explored from 2-5 minutes.

The yin yoga postures for the heart are based in the shoulders, arms, hands and upper back.


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