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Yoga Focus: Feet + Legs with Morgan

These workshops will give us time to dig a little deeper into particular elements of a practice. We will spend time exploring our physical movement, bringing focus to the strength, flexibility, energy and function of the area. The workshop will have a range, starting with easy flowing movements, moving into a more alignment focused peak, and ending with deserved restorative quietude. 

7/16/17: 4-6pm: Feet + Legs

This workshop will explore the flexibility and strength of our feet and legs; our ground. We will take time to notice where we hold tension, where we are strong, and where we collapse. We will practice a sequence developed to bring balance to the lower limbs, which usually helps us to feel like we are a more stable in our stance. The sequence will be provided on a take-home sheet to further your practice whenever you need to take care of your legs a little more. 

Cost: $35