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Restorative Rx: Supported Inversions with Morgan Engels

These workshops will allow time to focus on particular aspects of the restorative practice. Whether you attend them as a restorative beginner to become more confident in using props, or as a seasoned practioner that wants to deepen your practice, the workshops will empower and refine your skills both in and out of the studio.

Supported Inversions: This workshop will focus entirely on the supported inversions that are available within a restorative practice. We will be turning upside down using bolsters, a wall, blocks, and a chair. We will practice supported forward folds (which can act as a substitute for headstand), and supported bridge / shoulderstand variations. You will become more confident in how to flip your perspectives in safe and secure ways.

Due to the personal attention required in these workshops, they are only open to six students. Pre-registration required at :

Sliding scale: $30-$50